Venix update version 414

- Honor buffs has been reset.
- Added Immortals stones for gold at the (Coins Shop) Near to Guild Manager.
- All normal Uniques respawn duration has changed to 1 hour.
- FGW Sun weapons is now enabled.
- FGW Boss (Last Unique) Now Drops:
1. 1 immortal stone 100%.
2. 1 Lottery Elixir Scroll (1 star = 1 scroll / 2 star = 2 scroll / 3 star = 3 scrolls / 4 star = 4 scrolls)

Venix Grandopen 1st Changelog:

1-EXP rates has been boosted for the beginners.
2-Mobs spawn has been fixed.
3-Added stats & skill reset scroll for everyone.
4-Added pet clock for everyone
5-Speed cool down has been changed to 1 minute instead of 15 minutes.
6-Website item points ranking has been fixed
7-3 minutes afk players in battle arena will be sent to town.
8-Reverse has been disabled in job mode.
9-Berserk mode has been disabled in job mode.
10-Battle arena monsters spawn has been fixed it wont spawn high level monsters anymore.
11-Vote for silk at website changed from (5 silk) to (10 silk) every 12 hours.


Grand open tomorrow! This will be the most epic opening we ever had, more than 12 guilds and union are preparing themselves to this memorial opening.

GRAND OPENING DATE: 26/06/2020 18:00 GMT+2

Venix Beta Phase 2nd ChangeLog :

1-Force depuffing skills probability has been decreased from 60% to 45%.
2-Fire,Light,Cold imbues are now attached togethers they are all sharing the same cooldown.
3-Imbues Cooldown had been decreased from 60 seconds to 15 seconds.
4-Guild emblem had been fixed.
5-devil max plus had been added you wont be able to fuse your nasurn items more than +5.
6-Lucky powder 1st degree had been removed.
7-Lucky powder 1st degree is now dropping from arabian uniques.
8-Snow Shield has INT restriction of 190 points.
9-Normal item drop rate had been increased.


1. Snow shield abuse bug has been fixed.
2. Force Therapy cycle attack bug has been fixed.
3. You won't be able to use any skill 3 seconds after using any action (A).
4. You can't up or add any skills while wearing job suit.
5. Force Imbue duration has been increased from 14 seconds to 60 seconds.
6. Lightening speed sharing same cool down of 15 minutes.
7. Heuksal First skills row has been disabled except Wolf Bite Spear.
8. Delay has been added to Globals and Reverse.
9. Long titles has been removed.
10. Snow shield is now restricted to INT players only.
11. All imbue now sharing same cool down of 1 minute. Duration 1 minute.
12. Stats reset scroll has been added.
13. Guild penalty is now removed.
14. Gender switch scrolls final degrees has been removed..
15. Immortals higher than 8th degree has been removed.
16. Lord Yarkan damage and HP has been nerfed.
17. Demon Shaitan damage and HP has been nerfed.
18. Arabian Uniques damage and HP has been nerfed.
19. Tai-sui damage and HP has been nerfed.
20. Added a delay on teleport (Security purposes).
21. Added limit to trading (500 trade per week).
22. Fellow pet inventory changed to 1 (Security purposes).
23. NPC Thieves spawn has been decreased.